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eOffice considers the confidentiality of your information and your privacy to be important. We do not make any data collected on this website available to third parties. We do not share your data with any of our other clients. We do not sell lists, accept advertising, or generate any third party revenue from the data that is generated on this website.

Data gathered will only be used for our internal purposes and for this we seek your consent. By filling your details you expressly consent under all relevant data protection legislation to the use of any personal information gained by eOffice from your registration, so that eOffice Ltd may regularly analyse data pertaining to visitor trends, research consumption, and research grading in order to improve our research, plan website enhancement and measure overall website effectiveness.

We will also add your information to our database of clients for direct marketing purposes. If you do not wish information gathered to be used in the manner outlined above, we would request that you do not fill your details.

As part of eOffice's email policy all email activity is monitored. As part of this monitoring policy eOffice reserve the right to remove attachments and/or block emails that do not comply. This can be based upon, but not exclusively, content, possible virus infections and on recipient and/or sender criteria.

eOffice is not an agent for and does not vouch for those persons, companies and other organisations whose goods or services may be displayed or referred to in, nor for the availability, suitability or prices of such goods and services nor for the legal entitlement, competences, professional qualifications, trade certifications, or memberships of trade associations of such persons, companies or other organisations. eOffice advises users to satisfy themselves as to the exact type and nature of goods or services being offered or qualifications held by those persons, companies and other organisations whose goods or services may be displayed or referred to in may make available certain information provided by third parties. eOffice recommends that before you use any such information with respect to any issues or questions that you may have relating to medicine, law, accounting or any other profession you seek advice from a qualified professional.

Subject Access Requests

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you can make a formal request for the following information

  • clarification that your personal data is being processed by eOffice
  • a description and copies of such personal data
  • the reasons why such data is being processed
  • details of to whom they are or may be disclosed


You may view eOffice Data Protection Notification (registration number: PZ8650811) by visiting the Information Commissioner's Office Web site

If you have any comments or concerns regarding this privacy policy please contact the eOffice's Data Protection Responsible by email at or in writing at the following address:

Data Protection Responsible
57, Rathbone Place

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