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Rome - Boezio - Video conferencing

Via Boezio, 00193 Rome, Italy

Video conferencing

Don’t waste time and money travelling to meetings. Centrally located in Rome's prestigious Prati District, our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest video conferencing technology to provide a cost-efficient alternative. You’ll only pay for the time you need and can even book rooms outside of office hours to suit your attendees’ time zones. And our professional support teams are always on hand to make sure your meeting runs smoothly.

What is included

  • Impressive location to ensure a discreet and professional environment.
  • Hi-spec A/V and Video Conferencing material
  • Internet connection
  • Flipchart & pad
  • Notepads & pens
  • Catering on request
  • Pricing by the hour
Rome - Boezio - Video conferencing
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