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Who we are?

eOffice is a network of more than 250 independent office and meeting room operators in 60 countries worldwide. We provide forward-thinking businesses with flexible, inspiring solutions that help them grow and thrive. We carefully select partners who share our values of contemporary design, advanced on-demand technology and creating collaborative workspaces.

"Being a member of the eOffice eNetwork enables us to offer our clients access to more than 250 independent business centers and co-working spaces in over 60 countries across the globe."

Moad Alhashmi, Tripoli Office

Raise your profile internationally

All our partners have a presence on and our eShop, to quickly drive international enquiries and sales. Members can either book online, or send a request directly to you, and all enquiries can be traced through the CRM.

Showcase your workplace

Each workspace profile on features a photo gallery, location details, and a full description of the products, services and deals you offer.

Increase your traffic

We ensure high traffic to through intensive online marketing campaigns. Pay-per-click campaigns for each location are supported by social media activity on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also send a regular eNewsletter and Directory to our members.

Get additional revenue

In addition to increased sales, eOffice partners can earn extra revenue from reselling the eOffice Card and referring their members to operators in other locations.

Give your members more

As part of the eOffice network, you’ll be able to offer your members priority access to workspaces in 250 locations, plus benefits including discounts on meeting rooms.

Flexible membership

There are three levels of eOffice network membership, with prices starting from €299.99/$399.99 per year. Memberships are automatically renewed at the end of each year. Download our price list in Euros Download our price list in US $

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